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So this is the main webpage, from here you can find many other links that I host. Please feel free to check them out
A little about me I think, so as you can no doubt tell I am into HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS as well as C# and MySQL.
I am now registered disabled which means I am now able to spend the majority of my time playing around with coding
I am not professional but like to do these kinds of things to occupy my mind, I need anything I can to keep my mind occupied being as I also suffered a stroke (brain attack).
I'm proud of my achievements thus far
Any ways enough about me check out the links below and enjoy :)

  • Here you can join AnarchyWoW A World of Warcraft private server
  • Here you can join Anarchyforums I have given tutorials on webpages and hosting here
  • Here you can join AnarchyConquer A Conquer private server
  • Here you can listen to anarchyradiouk A simple radio station, instructions are in Anarchyforums
  • Here you can see leekspin I was bored lol
  • My brothers radio station raveradiouk
  • Another Conquer private server, not running ReduxAnarchyConquer An old server
  • Just something I was experimenting with snow
  • Again I was bored lol Trump
  • Just for fun lol
  • Fuck your "copyright" Original HamsterDance
  • Films but not sure if it's working correctly films
  • Facebook page for AnarchyWoW

  • So if you are interested in how this page looks and how it works you can get a copy from here
  • You can email me at EMAIL ME
  • This is all really basic and simple stuff which is explained in my forums

  • I am also on Facebook so feel free to message me on there if it is more to your liking

    I am willing to help people with web page building if that's what they want just send me a message through Facebook or you can send an email

    So as you can also probably tell I also enjoy "tables" in html, I find it makes the webpage look more presentable and more professional regardless of ones skill in html or php
    There are plenty of other methods one can use such as reading from another php page but being able to read it on the present page. Everything I know has been self taught and all it takes is time to read and understand then have a go
    If it fails you can always try again after all it's experimental and until you are happy with what you have learned you can keep trying newer ideas until you are satisfied :)


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